• Mike Holtz

'Take Shelter' Director Jeff Nichols Is Making Another A QUIET PLACE Sequel - Michael Shannon Next?

According to EW.com, we're getting yet a third installment in John Krasinski's A Quiet Place franchise although it's not clear at the moment whether that will come as a straight up sequel or an expanded universe-type film. A Quiet Place 2 is scheduled to release this April if that pain in the ass Covid will ever shut the fuck up.

The coolest news about all this is that Jeff Nichols is set to write and direct the film based on an idea from Krasinski. Nichols has directed six feature length films including Midnight Special, Take Shelter and Mud. All six have included or starred Michael Shannon. Yeah, Michael fucking Shannon. King Shannon. Which, tells me that it's quite likely we're about to see a Jeff Nichols horror film starring Michael Shannon and that gets me so excited I want to scream!

But I won't. Bygod, if Emily Blount can deliver a baby in a bathtub without screaming I WILL HONOR HER!!!! Oh shit. Whoops!

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