• Mike Holtz

'THE GRUDGE' Opening Night Box Office + Reviews Are In

'The Grudge' looked and smelled different than a typical January horror remake release but tasted the same. Can you guess what it tasted like?

The film debuted last night to the tune of $1.8 million dollars during its Thursday opening and is expected to reach about $9 million over the weekend. Costing only $10 million to make. Which means that while review scores might have the future of the franchise shoved into trash backs and throw out on the porch.....the trash bags are still moving around, yo.

Still yet, one has to believe this is the final straw in the franchise. There's just no need to continue beating a dead franchise to death and it isn't like this was a wild success. A sequel, no matter how good the trailers are would likely tank hard. Not as hard as the critical reactions...

Rotten Tomatoes critics have 'The Grudge' currently at a 17% but even worse, audience scores have the film at a lowly 20% rotten. As for our thoughts on the film, J and I gave it an average score of 4.5/10.Here's our full review:

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