• Mike Holtz

THE JOKER 2 Is Just Waiting On A Great Script To Exist

THR interviewed Village Roadshow Entertainment Group CEO (My GOD that's a mouthful) and when asked what was going on with THE JOKER sequel, he simply says:

We're keeping our fingers crossed that a great script comes in and we see a Joker 2.

Surprising? Yes and no. Not surprising because of course the the dudes and ladies behind the screen want sequels. But a bit surprising that he seems so sure that if a great script comes along Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips are ready to go. But then not surprising because as surprising as it was initially they both seemed to not totally hate the idea of a sequel. Surprising.

One wonders if there should even be a JOKER 2. The film seems to say everything it needs to. Unless of course this all intersects with Batman somehow, it's no wonder that "great script" hasn't surfaced yet. It may not exist. It may not need to.

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