• Mike Holtz

THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER Looks Like a Must for us Video Store Romantics (Trailer)

This The Last Blockbuster trailer looks super nostalgic and entertaining. Especially for us video heads of the past. I spent so much time in video stores in my youth that I have not just memories but literal stories. Who the fuck has STORIES about video stores if they didn't work in one? Well, Blockbuster nor Hollywood Video would ever hire me. Actually it was my late fees. My late fees is why they wouldn't hire me.

I miss the smell of them. I miss the bubblegum machines offering the hope of a free rental. I miss scrounging up change as a child around the house and renting as many movies as possible at one time with it. My record was nine. Nine VHS tapes. I can't remember them all but it included Scream, Goldeneye, Billy Madison and Beavis and Butthead Do America. Better times, man. Anyways, the point of all this rambling is that there's a documentary coming out about the memories of video stores and the fall of them as well, save one Blockbuster. The Last Blockbuster, if you will. If you're like me and have fond memories of the video rental store, this looks like a must see.

Shout out to Family Video by the way, who are also holding strong at multiple locations. Here's the trailer!

The Last Blockbuster released on video on demand for rental on December 15th.

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