• Mike Holtz

'The New Mutants' Set For Wide Release This August; What's That Mean For 'Halloween Kills'?

According to Bloody Disgusting, the red headed and acquired step child of Disney 'The New Mutants' again has a new release date. Again. AGAIN.

The film is now set to release wide in movie theaters on August 28th, 2020.

This makes it the second wide release scheduled currently for the return of movies in movie theaters since they first closed at the start of this whorrish pandemic. The first? Warner Bros. 'Tenet' which is currently scheduled for a July 17th, 2020 release. Will that date hold? It has so far and according to one Senior Marketing Executive via Indiewire, they think it will continue to do so:

“Chris Nolan (Director of Tenet) believes in theaters so much that they will carve out this space. He’ll have every single screen. Theaters are in tremendous trouble. They could stabilize stock prices and not have the whole summer slate collapse.”

If 'Tenet' is indeed the trial run for the comeback of movie theaters, 'The New Mutants' is now Disney's sacrificial lamb to the slaughter to see how things are still holding up over a month later. New films could fill in the dates between and after if 'Tenet' does well (and as of this writing Blumhouse' 'The Forever Purge' is actually slated for an even earlier date of July 10th. However, with no trailer or promotion one wonders what will happen there. Blumhouse could throw a curve ball and release it straight to VOD or Netflix for all we know). Then there's 'A Quiet Place 2' slated for September 4th.

The question on many of our minds however is "What does all this mean for 'Halloween Kills'?". That just became a whole lot less complicated. The clear path to being certain we'll see 'Halloween Kills' this October lies in two things:

1.) 'Tenet' releases and does well, 'The New Mutants' holds and 'A Quiet Place 2' goes through with their plans in September.

2.) The re-opening of states over the next few months doesn't cause a second wave, shutting things down all over again at any point between now and October.

That's it. Those two things happen and I'm willing to bet we get 'Halloween Kills' in theaters this October. Easier said than done and as anyone who's watched the news can tell, nobody knows what the hell is going to happen with this virus.

What do you think? Here's one even crazier. Do you think 'Tenet' holding strong and the news of the release of 'The New Mutants' led Blumhouse to finally release the 'Halloween Kills' trailer this weekend during the live watch event, possibly? Here's hoping!

We'll be talking about it all tonight on our live 'Halloween Kills' and 'Scream 5' update on youtube in the link below. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell and you'll receive a notification when we go live with all the goods!

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