• Mike Holtz

The New SCREAM Film Sounds Like It's Going to Have Some Gruesome Death Scenes

If you've been following the Scream news today, you've no doubt heard by now that the film is officially titled Scream rather than Scream 5. We've also had some behind the scenes pics on Twitter of Kevin Williamson with what appears to be Stu's house in the background and someone wearing an old school 1996 style Woodsboro High letterman jacket like the one POOR STEVE wore in Wes Craven's original. Which, is all super interesting.

What I've found to be extremely interesting due to my propensity for violence and brutality in my slasher films (What?) is that director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin seems to have hinted the kills will be taken more than seriously in the new film. He told Heather Wixson and Daily Dead in a recent interview: “One of the things that we think Scream does so well, is that it feels like a popcorn movie. It feels like a fun, light intro to horror. But part of the reason that that magic trick works is because the violence never holds back. They never shy away from what that actually is and what the effects of that are. And that's something that we've thought about a lot and hope to filter into this version of it as well.”

Jesus Christ on a Crackerjack box, that's wonderful to hear. Especially in a time where so many horror films these days decide to go horror-lite for the PG-13. Scream may not be looked at as the most violent slasher franchise but don't forget Craven opened the whole thing up with Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker hanging from a tree with her intestines falling out of her while her parents watched. All before the title card. It set the tone for the jokes like running the football opens up the passing game, baby.

Be sure to check out Heather's full article over at Daily Dead but first throw that email address to us below for more news articles like this one! We'll BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

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