• Mike Holtz

'Morbius' Trailer Reaction!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

UPDATE: Here's our trailer reaction to 'Morbius':

The first official teaser for Sony's 'Morbius' has arrived online! I can't watch it myself because I'm saving myself for marriage. I mean a trailer reaction on the youtube channel. Duh. I haven't been able to wear white after Labor day in a LONG time. You know what I mean? I been having the sex. That's right, kids. What the fuck is going on right now? Here's the new trailer for 'Morbius'.

Again, I didn't watch it and I can't until our trailer reaction. But, I am very excited for this. Sure, Jared Leto did the whole "You don't want no beef?" Joker thing but he's still a hell of an actor. Also, in a world where Disney is going to buy everything and scrub it clean, it's always exciting to get horror movies that have a chance to be outside the norm. I can't wait to watch it! His makeup in the thumbnail looks dope as shit! What did you think of the trailer? Come to our brand new Facebook and let us know!

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