• Mike Holtz

The Trailer for Wrestling Doc YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE Looks Kick ass

Many ages ago we reported that there was a wrestling documentary coming out about David Arquette. WELL THE TRAILER IS HERE!!!! *Mimes DX's "Suck it" motion at you*

For those of you who don't know, years ago David Arquette pissed off the wrestling world when he won one of wrestling's most prestigious titles on a goof to promote a movie.

To that I tell the wrestling world....you would have fucking done it too.

Anyways, Arquette felt the need to prove himself afterwards and has more than done so. For anyone who's followed his journey back into wrestling has seen the videos of him wrestling at small events, getting fluorescent lights bashed across his face, neck and body. Literally bleeding out on canvas and still finishing the match.

With that fresh in your mind I present the trailer for You Cannot Kill David Arquette:

I'm a huge fan of someone who has the balls to put themselves out there to succeed at one hard to break into profession. But to do it twice? And go the hard way? I respect the shit out of what Arquette has accomplished and will accomplish and I can't wait to see this. That trailer was amazing.

The documentary will be coming to digital and on demand on August 28th! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below so that you receive our review of it once it releases.

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