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There's a New Bigfoot Horror Movie Coming Out Tomorrow! Here's Our Review of MONSTROUS

There just aren't enough Bigfoot movies. There's tons of documentaries but not a lot of good + scary Bigfoot films. We should change that. The zombies to Bigfoot ratio has to make Sasquatch feel like Sasq-shit.

Anyways, Monstrous tells the story of Sylvia (Anna Shields) who agrees to travel with online stranger Alex (Rachel Finninger) to a remote area of wilderness where several young girls recently went missing in hopes of finding clues to her own friends disappearance.

You'll notice a lack of Bigfoot in that synopsis. He's lurking throughout the film and when he makes his presence known, Monstrous is at it's absolute best. Bigfoot is shot masterfully on a low budget, mostly being conveniently too large to fit fully into frame.You'll either see his hairy ass far enough away to make him believable or so closely that all you'll really be able to make out are limbs, hair and movements. This works well. I really appreciated the lack of CGI and just how well the film worked Sasquatch onto the screen. Just needed a lot more of him.

What Monstrous ends up being more so than a Bigfoot film is a horror movie about being extremely fucked on multiple levels and in the middle of nowhere. There were multiple times watching where I was like "Sylvia, you're fucked, girl", eating another potato chip whilst accepting the characters fate for her while safe on my couch. It's a well constructed scenario but the problem is as an audience member, you just wanted to get back to Bigfoot.

We've all watched a low budget horror film where they lean too far into splatter gore or unoriginal horror tropes to make up for their lack of having a good story. Monstrous is a little bit guilty of leaning too much the other direction. There was a really nice set up here for an exciting "survive Sasquatch" film but the film ultimately spends most of its time dealing with a power struggle between its two main characters that just wasn't nearly as interesting or well executed.

Even with a few iffy choices there at the end, there's just enough well done Sasquatch horror for me to recommend Monstrous and that's no small feat in itself. That's big feet. I'm so sorry. 6.0/10

You can rent Monstrous on digital on demand tomorrow, August 11th! For more horror movie reviews, news and awful dad jokes be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below! Thanks for reading!

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