• Mike Holtz

There's an ALIEN TV Series Coming to Hulu!!!!!!!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We've been hearing that today's Disney's Investor Day 2020 could drop some huge news from the Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, Wal-Mart, Satanic, ESPN and whatever other properties they own and it turns out it's true!

Alien is officially back and this time in TV format on the FX channel made exclusively for Hulu. The show will be helmed by Noah Hawley of Fargo and Legion.

No further details or timelines are set at this time but the great news is that Disney didn't just buy the rights to Alien to stuff it somewhere uncomfortable. Like the backseat of a Volkswagon. Even better news that the show is made by FX for Hulu because that means they can be as gnarly and nasty as they want without the hand of Disney smacking them down. Damn the man! Save the adult content!

So psyched. More to come.....so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below!

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