• Mike Holtz

This Year You Can Enjoy Arrow Video's FRIGHTFEST Film Festival From Home (Starting Today)

2020 might have taken away theaters for the time being, along with our will, overall joy and ability to discuss anything other than our own doom in politics but there are bright sides. For instance, if you're like me and have always wanted to attend UK's FrightFest Film Festival but live in the states? Now you can, as the event is fully digital this year. Meaning not only can you experience it but you can do so at home, wearing your underwear and shoving bagel bites into your cramhole with no-one there to judge you except for your dog. Who can't talk, thank Christ.

The event begins tonight at 6:30PM with the streaming of HELD and concludes on Sunday night with a showing of SKYLIN3S. In between, there's a whopping 45 films to whisk you away from the bloody nightmare that is 2020 and into the bloody nightmare that is horror films. At least in movie land it's happening to someone else, am I right? We are laughing.

We'll have reviews for a few of the films in the coming days but for now check out the film schedule for FrightFest, get your tickets and all that other jazz here!

Happy dipping yourselves in a giant vat of greasy horror movie goodness day, you sick bastards! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below as well as our youtube channel for further updates and reviews! (I'm going to tell you right now, we recommend BENNY LOVES YOU. It's like an extremely fucked up version of Shaun of the Dead meets Child's Play and it's glorious. We'll have a review up soon.

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