• Mike Holtz

Tonights Friday Night Franchise Fight! CHILD'S PLAY VS HELLRAISER

Hello my friends! As you know or don't know, every Friday night at 9PM Eastern we go live on youtube and pit one franchise up against another. Film by film or topic by topic you, the audience, votes on a winner each round. Tonight we're doing HELLRAISER VS. CHILD's PLAY.

Here's tonight's lineup:

Round 1: Child's Play VS Hellraiser

Round 2: Child's Play 2 VS Hellraiser 2

Round 3: Child's Play 3 VS Hellraiser III

Round 4: Bride of Chucky VS Hellraiser Bloodline

Round 5: Seed of Chucky VS Hellraiser Inferno

Round 6: Curse of Chucky VS Hellraiser Hellseeker

Round 7: Cult of Chucky VS Hellraiser Deader

Round 8: Child's Play 2019 VS Hellraiser Judgement

Round 9: Better Hero: Andy or Kirsty?

Now, there are two more Hellraiser films than there are Child's Play films. So, what we did to even things out was drop the two films in the Hellraiser franchise with the lowest IMDB scores. Those are Hellraiser: Hellworld (4.2) and Hellraiser: Revelations (2.7 Youch!)

To round things out in case of a 4-4 tie, we've got Andy and Kirsty facing off against each other in Round 9! See you guys there tonight at 9PM Eastern HERE: (And below a taste of last week's fight - JCVD Versus Steven Seagal)

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