• Mike Holtz

Trailer: LET HIM GO Starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane Feels Like a Horror Movie

Let Him Go, starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (You know, Superman's fucking parents) may be listed as a Crime, Thriller, Drama on IMDB.com but the trailer certaintly feels like horror to me.

In the film, the two are grieving over the loss of their son when his widow gets involved with a dangerous man with a scary ass family. She takes their grandson to live with said dangerous man and scary family but Superman's parents have seen some shit. So, they go after them and find themselves caught in a real fuck you Charlie type Texas Chainsaw Massacre cult-ish back woods family situation. Here's the trailer:

Seriously, having a piece of garbage sauce child harming human being be in possession of someone you love might be scarier than any horror movie I could think of and the vibes of Let Him Go seem to be aware of that. I think this movie might be special.

Let Him Go will release November 6th, 2020. Speaking of Superman, check out our DC Fan Dome coverage from the weekend below and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below for more horror and action movie news!

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