• Mike Holtz

TRAILER: Todd McFarlane's 'Like Hell I Won't' Documentary Looks Intense; Releasing This Weekend

Count me in as someone who had no clue this was happening but SyFy is releasing a documentary about Spawn creator and McFarlane Toys owner Todd McFarlane this Saturday at 11PM Eastern titled Todd McFarlane: Like Hell I Won't.

What I also didn't realize was just how intense this dude's story was. There's some serious Steve Jobs shit going on here and I'm talking the Michael Fassbender kind, not that Disney channel Ashton Kutcher shit. This trailer has me hyped! Check it out:

SyFy is pulling out all the bangers this week, recently announcing their Child's Play TV series Chucky with a short teaser and now this. Don't have SyFy? Don't worry! The channel will apparently pick up the doc on their youtube channel as well.

I'm honestly shocked at how pumped up I am to watch this thing. I love a good fuck the man story. Wait, that sounded wrong. Maybe we'll get some insight into his fight to get the Spawn movie made with Blumhouse and other studios. Things could get real spicy! Sign up for the newsletter below and make sure you get our review of the documentary when it releases! Good day! Speaking of Blumhouse, here's our Halloween Kills trailer parody.

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