• Mike Holtz

TRAIN TO BUSAN sequel PENINSULA Trailer Debuts & It's Batshit Crazy

First things first guys, if you haven't seen TRAIN TO BUSAN you have got to get on that shit. Dubbed the WWAM award for best horror film of the year of our lord 2016 (because any year not 2020 is the year of our lord now), this is a zombie movie for the ages. You will laugh, you will be amazed at the action and you will, oh yes, you will fucking CRY.

There's finally a sequel coming out titled PENINSULA (later this year, hopefully?) and the mood is entirely different. Here's the trailer in 8K. By the way, what the fuck is 8K? Didn't we JUST get 4K? I'm on some 1080p shit.

There's a lot of CGI, yes. There's also a metric fuck ton of zombies so in part, I understand. If you wanna go "holy shit it looks like mashed potatoes made out of zombies are chasing us down this street" you have to go computerized. We've also added the element of full on post apocalyptic Running Man assholes apparently. Why is it that in all apocalypse scenarios the bad guy divisions always want to play some sort of county fair contest? What's the correlation between the end of times and shitty game shows?

Anyway, I'll be checking out PENINSULA for the sheer fact that Train to Busan was so goddamn amazing but I really dug the vibe of Train a lot more. We shall see! Check out our review of TRAIN TO BUSAN below!

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