• Mike Holtz

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Twelve Brand New Episodes Coming To Netflix!


The show that haunted our childhoods whilst simultaneously catching bad guys doing bad shit is back and back for real this time. We're not talking re-runs here, we're talking brand new episodes!

It doesn't take Sherlock fuckin' Holmes to realize that bringing back Unsolved Mysteries makes total sense in 2020 considering our obsession with true crime. Still yet, I'm hoping for some deep dives into aliens and ghost shit. Throw a bigfoot sighting in there. Let's use the internet and solve some shit!


Double Update: It looks like every episode will focus on either a murder or disappearance with the exception of one particular episode, which will be UFO based! Station!

In all seriousness, with the help of the internet and the technology at our fingertips in the year of our dark lord 2020? The internet is about to solve a lot of cases. Book it now... I think this show is about to explode all over again.

Unsolved Mysteries will debut in two six episode installments with the first six episodes airing on July 1st, 2020. The show will be purely documentary style with no host or narrator. RIP Robert Stack! Nobody could have done it better anyway. For more news like this be sure to check out our youtube and subscribe to the newsletter below!

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