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UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Updates! New Info Unearthed On Both Previous and Upcoming Episodes

If you've been following the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES cases unveiled in the first six episodes of the shows return wearing your McGruff the crime dog pajamas and eating cold pizza then we're probably best friends. Mystery solving best friends and you'll be happy to know that Netflix just dropped the coolest thing next to new episodes we could possibly have gotten.

Whoever runs the shows Reddit account just generously gifted us all an entire Google folder full of new footage from the first six cases and documents such as autopsy reports, investigator illustrations and evidentiary photos.

Most interesting is that some of these exclusive clips relate to the latest theories presented by the internet including the theory that Rey of "Mystery on the Rooftop" was dropped onto the Belvedere via helicopter. The investigator notes that the there was a body of water a mere two minutes away so in his mind he gives no credence to the thought Rey was dropped by a helicopter. He also says that someone would have heard the helicopter. However, the guy who works at the hotel also says that helicopters fly through there all the time and it's a completely normal occurrence that wouldn't have been out of the ordinary at all. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Personally, I think the investigator is right, why cause a chaos scene if you could just drop him in the water? Which brings me back to the secret society and the tie ins to David Fincher's THE GAME. We're they trying to replicate some version of that craziness and an accident happened? Okay, sorry I'm getting too deep here. It's these pajamas.

Sadly, there is no new info regarding Porter Stansberry or his shady gag order. There is a clip however where it is revealed that Rey had contacted the local Freemasons lodge on the day he disappeared which is weird as fuck.

There's a few clips as well about the infuriating "Missing Witness" case and Lena's disappearance, however it will only serve to piss you off further as to how in the unholy fuck skittles they weren't able to charge Sandy McEvilslut with two counts of murder and one count of not being able to apply makeup properly.

The entire document can be accessed here. Anything marked "Exclusive clip" seems to be new footage. The real question however is have any of these cases gotten any closer to resolution? Netflix Executive Producer Terry Dunn Meurer just did a fantastic interview with Variety where they asked a lot of the questions we've been asking and he gives an episode by episode UPDATE! He talks everything from someone possibly spotting Count Xavier in Chicago to the newest episodes including a very strange ghost episode. You can check that awesome interview out here.

When are we going to get new episodes? File this under straight up rumor but one redditor claims to know someone who works on the show who told them the new episodes would air in October. Yeah, that's a long way off but what month is better for the spookiness of Unsolved Mysteries than that? You know what would really rock the sauce? If before each of the new six episodes they gave us an UPDATE on one of the first six episodes. UPDATE: That would be rad.

Hope you all have an awesome Sunday! Except for Rob who's a douche whether he did it or not. We'll keep the updates coming so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below! Here's our review from the first six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on our youtube channel as well.

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