• Mike Holtz

Vice TV's DARK SIDE OF THE RING is Expanding to Football and the 90's

Vice TV's The Dark Side of the Ring is giving a big ole' DX "suck it" sign to moderation. Not only will a third season of the popular show about the tragic behind the scenes happenings of wrestlings history be airing but the show will venture into two new spin offs as well. Football.....and the 90's. Please let there be a Saved by the Bell episode. Oh and there was definitely some drama behind the scenes of Power Rangers I'd like to delve into. Red Ranger 4 Life. Tommy stole Kimberly.

Both shows are now in production and will be airing in 2021 along with the third season of Dark Side of the Ring. According to Deadline.com the 90's show will "look at the most captivating pop-culture moments, trends and personalities of the decade through interviews with people who studied the time period. Each episode will dissect the nostalgia, uncovering the surprising dark truths underlying the glitz, the glamour and the headlines."

The football version will "shine a light on stories that live in the shadows of America’s favorite sport. It will explore the sometimes-flawed men behind the masks; the coaches, teams and leagues who control their fates; and the untold story behind bizarre and tragic off-the-field events — facts that often have been hidden to shield fans from discovering unsettling truths about the game they love."

No word yet on whether Vice is going to pick up my pitch for Dark Side of Youtube, the J and Mike story. Probably too sexual for them. Not for you though. So be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below so we can whisper in your email inbox's ear about all the nudes we're gonna send it. Whoops. Misspelled "news". Or did I?

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