• Mike Holtz

Warner Bros Hosting Their Own Comic Con Featuring THE BATMAN and More

Due to the coronavirus (are you supposed to capitalize coronavirus? Oh well, fuck it, it doesn't deserve to be capitalized, the piece of shit) the most esteemed Hall H events along with the rest of Comic Con as you know, were cancelled along with everything else fun in life.

Recently though, Comic Con announced that they would be hosting the event online for free and inviting everyone. Super rad. So far however, a big fat total of zero major studios have signed up for the event leaving them to literally live out the plot of 'Wayne's World 2' while DC has just announced their very own titled 'DC FanDome' (Tip to Comic Con - Find the naked crying indian).

The event will also be free (air guitars) and will stream online for everyone to enjoy on August 22nd at 1PM Eastern. DC Fandome, according to THR will be showing off everything from The Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, The Flash, Shazam! and Zack Snyder's Justice League to TV events like Doom Patrol, Superman & Lois and Watchmen. Personally, I'm hoping for some Henry Cavill as Superman news, some The Batman footage, a Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer and a Superman video game would be nice as they've also said there will be WB Gaming and DC Comics announcements as well.

Hold on to your tights, guys. Looks like August 22nd is going to bring all the news and footage our little batarangs can handle. Be sure to follow the newsletter below and subscribe to our youtube channel to get all the latest!

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