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Waxwork Records Teases Awesome Michael Myers Product Coming This Fall

Holy bleeding eyeball masks! Thanks to our Facebook buddy Josh Long, we were notified of this awesome piece of mystery work that Waxwork Records is teasing will come out this Fall. Their Facebook post came with this photo (above) featuring Michael Myers slathered in bullet holes, some nice hair gel and a trickle of what can only be blood from the classic Halloween II mask. I mean, technically it could be green shit from the stuff Paul Rudd hit him up with in Halloween 6 but that's a different mask altogether. By the way, Paul Rudd Pipe Attack is the coolest band name idea ever, isn't it? Don't steal it.

Waxwork records as you can see on their website has built some rad ass stuff over the years. No, Greg. Not "ass-stuff" "rad-ass stuff". I should have just said "cool Halloween stuff". Get your mind out of the gutter before you end up like that sea shanty motherfucker in Halloween V all alone with your parrot taking care of weird dudes in masks just so they can kill you when they wake up.

Waxwork noted in the caption "Coming this Fall! We are so excited to show you what’s in store! (Note: This is an assembled, unpainted pre-production model). More details to come!‬"

Because you KNOW there was going to be that one guy who was like "I'm not paying for something when you can't even be bothered to attach his arms." Side note, what do you guys think the product is going to be?

Can't wait to see what they have in store! Want to see more of what we have in store? Want to come to the pants party? Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter down below and check out our new HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer parody.

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