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Website Predicts 'Halloween Kills' Trailer to Murder Superbowl

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Let the games begin! 'Halloween' trailer watch 2020 has begun! MOOORTTALL KOMMBATTTT *Cue techo fighting music*

No official news on the subject but there has been an interesting prediction from ComicBook.com that makes good sense. The site recently wrote an article on their predictions for what movie trailers we could possibly receive with this years Superbowl, featuring the goddamn asshole 49ers (Packers fan) and the Kansas City Chiefs on February 2nd, 2020.

The site notes it's unlikely Universal won't have a major trailer release with this years Superbowl and that the newest 'Fast and the Furious' movie already has a trailer release date.

Of the remaining larger scale Universal films that leaves only 'Candyman' and 'Halloween Kills'.

'Candyman' does in fact release three months earlier than 'Kills' but as the site notes, Halloween is a far more popular and anticipated franchise (To the MAJORITY, Keith. We all know you hate Halloween. Why are you even here, KEITH? You're like that guy who goes to sports bars and whines about people cheering too loudly for sports.)

Let's think on it. 2018's 'Halloween' saw its first trailer hit the market in June, four months before the films release the following October. With 2020's 'Halloween Kills' also hitting theaters in October of the year of our dark lord, 2020; You may naturally assume we won't see a trailer for 'Halloween Kills' until June. There are two reasons this may not be the case, however.

One, 'Halloween' 2018 dealt with reshoots and delays in filming that easily could have pushed back the planned promotional schedule for the film. Two, if you all remember, the entire 'Halloween' production team was harassed for months in 2018 by fans wanting to know when that damn trailer was finally going to be released. That's a good problem to have and all but with the filming of 'Halloween Ends' on the horizon they may not want to deal with the same fever pitch this time around. At-least that's what I'm hoping for.

Now, to play "negative Nancy" or as I like to call it "annoying as fuck Tina from 'Halloween 5'", there is of course also the chance the studio waits until June again this time around, so that they can replicate the exact same marketing strategy they had for 'Halloween' 2018. After all, that film was pretty damn successful in the crotchal region, I mean money region. Oh, would you look at that? I got peanut butter on my penis. One must also accept the possibility that they just show the 'Fast and Furious 19' trailer again instead of anything new at all.

What do you think guys? Prediction time! When's that fucker Michael going to show up? In the meantime here's our trailer parody from 2018. For more news and videos like these and definite trailer reactions, coverage and all that horse shit be sure to check us out on youtube!

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