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Which Batman Actor Would Have Played the Best Joker?

Alright, I know this is is silly as a media personality claiming the Snyder cut isn't any different from the theatrical release when the running time is literally double what it was before but it's all in good fun. Which Batman actor would have played the best Joker?

Two of the most anticipated, criticized and coveted roles in the history of film belong to these two characters and studios have an impressive track record when it comes to casting them. Shut up, Greg. Like you wouldn't have cast George Clooney and Jared Leto.

Now, presented for the approval of the midnight society.....I'd like to tell you which three Batmen I believe would have rocked the shit as the clown prince of mailing condoms to their co-stars. I mean crime. Goddamn you, Leto.

#1 - Christian Bale

American Psycho, The Machinist, behind the scenes of Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale can be scary. He can be maniacal and for what it's worth he can be really, goddamn skinny. He's also one of the greatest actors who hath ever walked the earth. He'd get so into this role, he would literally turn his own skin Joker white somehow. What makes this choice number one however, is that as good as he was as Bruce Wayne.......he really wasn't that great of a Batman. I truly believe he would have been way better as the Joker. It all worked out though, because I wouldn't have replaced Heath Ledger with anyone in that role. Just saying, Bale would have made a great Joker in another timeline. Like if DC wanted to do some weird shit and get real frickin' naughty with this new multiverse idea.

#2 - Val Kilmer

Just look at that face. Val Kilmer had the perfect look for a Joker in his heyday. It would have been really fun to see him let loose and really go for it. Kilmer to me is forever underrated as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. He just happened to be stuck in a really weird Batman film. Though this choice is based more on looks than personality match....sweet buttermilk biscuits you can't tell me he doesn't have the perfect bone structure for a Killing Joke version of Joker.

#3 - Michael Keaton

All you really have to say here is Beetlejuice. Don't say that shit three times though. I don't need that darkness tonight, Greg. Kids are asleep and the wife is already pissed. For me, Keaton comes in at number three just because he doesn't really have the natural Joker look. But shit, he didn't really have that Bruce Wayne look either and that still worked out, didn't it? Don't forget, Keaton can get wild and crazy kids on your ass in a second. He was more Joker than Joker during the classic fire poker scene from 89's Batman. YOU WANNA GET NUTS? LET'S GET NUTS!" You want the ultimate Joker? Combine Keaton's ability to get buck wild on screen with Val Kilmer's look. It'll blow your mind, man.

#4 - Robert Pattinson

The whole idea for this video was watching the insanely kick ass and emo The Batman trailer for DC Fan Dome yesterday. Robert Pattinson is a hell of an actor to anyone who's ever seen him outside of them gotdamn Twilight movies. We know he can step into a role and do some wild shit with it but can he get wild enough for the Joker? We did get to see him cut loose a little bit in The Lighthouse. There's also no doubt he has the look for Joker and I'd be willing to give him the same benefit of the doubt as I gave him for playing Batman were his casting fortunes flipped. Still yet, this is my least favorite of the four possibilities.

What's that you say? What about the other Batman's? Ben Affleck is a great actor but could you see his big ass as the Joker? That'd be scary as hell, actually. Still doesn't compute. George Clooney doesn't have a wacky bone in his body, Adam West is a whole different bag altogether and Kevin Conroy is a voice actor even if he does have a Joker shaped head.

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