• Mike Holtz

Would You Try This Dunkin' Donuts Frank's RedHot Donut?

According to ChewBoom.com the Dunkin' Donuts Frank's RedHot Donut features a jelly donut filled with apple and raspberry jelly, topped with icing and well.....Frank's Original RedHot sauce.

As a lover of both donuts and hot sauce I am having a hard time computing this one into my fat ass brain. I like both of these things but cannot quite imagine the taste of them together?

Hot food and sweets work together sometimes, sure. Chili infused dark chocolate bars are effin' delicious. I make a bomb ass chili using dark chocolate and cinnamon, too. That being said I can't quite grasp this one.

Maybe that's why Dunkin' Donuts only provided them at two Florida locations (Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) and didn't even charge for them. No word on whether the donut will be offered up again but don't fret. You can literally take a bottle of Frank's RedHot, drive to your nearest Dunkin' Donuts, order a jelly donut with frosting and douse that bitch in RedHot.

Wait, why the fuck did I even write this article? Might as well write one every time Bob down the street gets homesick for prison and decides to cook his ramen noodles using toilet water.

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