• Mike Holtz

WRONG TURN Reboot Trailer Is Here! (Video)

Seven movies deep into the Wrong Turn franchise we find ourselves. Outmanned and outgunned after some, what's the polite word? Questionable sequels. Wrong Turn: The Foundation however, feels a bit different and today we just might get a taste of what the ugly people in the woods are cookin! Humans. It's definitely humans.

**UPDATE** We were correcto! The trailer just released and it looks quite good. Check it out yourself here.

Thanks to our sharp eyed buddy Michael White Jr. (Who also appears in the film) we have a hint from the Facebook page of director Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) that the trailer will reveal itself upon us this glorious day:

Twelve hours ago.....carry the 2. Yep, that's today. Hold on to your butts! Don't let any hillbillies eat em! Yeah. I just said not to let any hillbillies eat your butt. That's how today's going so far.

Anyways, keep your eyes out for the trailer. We have high hopes for this one as the story goes back to a place of originality and Mike P. Nelson's previous flick, The Domestics is grossly underrated. Check out our review for it (and Taco Bell fries) below.

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