• Mike Holtz

WWAM Podcast! Reviews for HEAVEN'S GATE + MANK and that big HBO Max News

On the new episode of the We Watched A Movie podcast we review HBO Max Heaven's Gate available now on the streamer. The show is a four part series that documents the cult responsible for the biggest mass suicide ever on US soil. They get DEEP including cutting off their manly purses, keeping a "check in" board for "nightly secretions" and ofcourse bowl cuts. It's fucking wiley!

Also, a quick review for Netflix Mank which for a huge Fincher fan was extremely underwhelming but mainly because of a lack of give a hoot about the subject material. We'll get into that as well as that bombshell HBO Max news that they will be streaming their entire theatrical release schedule on the streaming platform. All that and we're talking tonights Friday Night Fights livestream where you guys can vote on who you think the best comedic horror movie of the 2000's is. Shaun of the Dead? Rise of Leslie Vernon? What We Do In The Shadows and more. Be sure to be there at 9PM Eastern by going here.

The podcast is available below but also on Spotify, Itunes and wherever you podcast. Also, if you'd like the video version of the podcast + tons of extra content and videos check out our patreon here.

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