• Mike Holtz

Yet Another Adaptation of Stephen King's 'Carrie' Is In The Works

According to Collider, yet another version of Stephen King's 'Carrie' is in the works. I mean, it's weird because the original Brian DePalma, Sissy Spacek film still holds up pretty well doesn't it? It's because of this that I've never felt the need to check out even the 2013 remake though I'm a big Grace Moretz fan. I just don't see the point?

FX and MGM apparently disagree however, as they are in the process of creating a miniseries based around the character.

Collider's sources do know of atleast one difference, however. This time around they say the main character will likely be played by a trans performer or actress of color rather than a sic white woman.

Oh, there it is. Now I get it. Welp, have a good one! That's all the news on this one for right now. Keep on truckin!

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