• Mike Holtz

You Stole My Design You Son of a B*tch! TWISTER Remake Is Officially Happening

Apparently, Universal is officially remaking 90's Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt classic TWISTER because you know, they couldn't think of another word for "tornado".

Look, I get why most films end up being remade. You need an IP to get the asses in the door and sometimes, (like in the case of 21 JUMP STREET) you just use it as a way to get an original script in the door.

But TWISTER? I mean, it's a movie about tornados. People will go see it because of TORNADOS. JUST CALL IT TORNADOS or one of the many other words that could describe a tornado type situation.

2014's INTO THE STORM survived a 2% rotten rating to make $161 million dollars on a $50 million dollar budget. We don't need to call this thing TWISTER. I'm not offended. I don't really care but you just have to roll your eyes at the stupidity of it.

You can't make a sequel because Bill Paxton who was a huge part of the brilliance of TWISTER is tragically no longer with us. All you're doing by calling this new film TWISTER (made official today by Variety) is inviting vitriol from fans of the original.

The cool thing is we're getting another tornado movie and that's awesome. Tornado movies are always a fun spectacle just to see how they pull off the special effects. It'll be especially fun to see how the effects compare to the genius of the 1996 film. If they come with some weak ass CGI this thing goes straight into the suck zone.

In talks to direct is Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) and the studio is meeting with script writers now (because of course they don't have a script yet). For more updates be sure to follow us on youtube and sign up for the newsletter below! WE GOT COWS!

Here's Michael Myers and Dr Loomis recreating a classic twister scene:

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