• Mike Holtz

Zaxby's Unveils New Weapon In The Chicken Sandwich Wars

Look at this caribbean mother fucker right here. This is the new LIMITED TIME Zaxby's Caribbean Jerk Chicken Fillet sandwich, available now!

Like so many hungry travelers before me have said; Surely in reference to chicken sandwiches as well....I'm ready to get a strange islander inside me.

The new chicken sandwich contestant comes in at 700 calories and dripping with fruity, spicy and sweet caribbean jerk sauce that you can also get on boneless wings for a limited time.

The most inventive part? BANANA PEPPERS ON THE BOTTOM INSTEAD OF PICKLES. Holy fuckachobi! That's innovation, holmes.

This reminds me of a tame version of one of the most delicious wing sauces you can purchase legally. Buffalo Wild Wings mango habanero sauce. Surprisingly spicy habanero covered in sweet syrup that's insanely underrated and utterly delicious. However, one must be sure to have the next day off of work before partaking. You see, the spice makes its way painfully slower through your body because of the syrup like consistency and....well it's fucking painful to shit out.

Actually, a better comparison would have just been the carribean jerk sauce but look. I just wanted to talk about how painful mango habanero shits were.

Anyways, this new sandwich is unlikely to rival the Popeye's, Chik fil a, Wendy's spicy chicken phase because it isn't a straight up spicy chicken sandwich but don't you need a break from all that poppycock anyways? Get some strange caribbean up in you. Without ruining a marriage this time.

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