A Quiet Place Part II is here to deliver…wait for it…some good news! Hot damn, I love it when a movie gets closer rather than further away. Especially in this day and age where it seems like everything we love is being delayed, cancelled and devoured by a five year old. (My daughter just took the last Gatorade)

Handsome son of a bitch and our personal choice for Reed Richards, John Krasinski just announced on Twitter that the film will now be in theaters this Memorial Day. A whole four months earlier than it’s previous September release date. Here’s the tweet:

I knew something was up when I saw A Quiet Place II promo on a bag of Bugles at Wal-Mart yesterday. True story. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter below for more good news! High fives all around. Oh shit, now we’re being eaten by sound monsters. Comment down below with what movie you are most looking forward to in 2021. James Bond? Halloween Kills? The live video feed of us all celebrating defeating this crap finally? Yeah, that one. Independence Day style with Bill Pullman screaming that we will not go quietly into the night while we all discard our masks in a glorious celebration.

Need more news? Check out this article on HALLOWEEN KILLS, here.

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