I’m tired of these motherfuckin traps in these motherfuckin green cinematography dripped basements, motherfucker! Samuel L Jackson and Chris Rock star in SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw. A new Saw sequel spin off releasing on May 14th, 2021.

Jackson tweeted this little death nugget just a few moments ago:

Jesus Christ, Fury! Someone turned your face into fucked up Saw style mashed potatoes! Hope that cat didn’t get a hold of you again.

Anyways, with this kind of tease my ass has to believe it’s a trailer. This is already a cool poster so it can’t be that. Stay tuned, if it is we’ll have the story here (so subscribe to the newsletter below) and we’ll have a reaction on Wednesday night’s livestream! In the meantime here’s a couple awesome Halloween videos for Michael Myers Monday.

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