Over the weekend there were some rumors coming out of Reddit that a SCREAM screening took place. The post even alluded to some possible spoilers and an alleged (extra emphasis on alleged) quote from the movie.

It seems the norm now that whenever a big movie particularly horror films or superhero genre films release, there are always fake rumors, scripts and spoilers. Every once in a while, one ends up being correct and it fuels the process going forward. Hey, the sun shines on even a dog’s ass every once in a while. I mean, it’s how websites like WeGotThisRumorCovered make a living.

We don’t usually cover these types of rumors on the channel because at best they are fake and just spread confusion and mess with expectations. At worse, they are real and ruin the movie for people. Sure, we’ll talk about fun theories and what not but when it comes to spoilers, we liver alone.

Anyways, someone on the Scream subreddit, a user named u/775544 thankfully threw some water on these rumors in a recent post, saying:

So, there you have it. Believe what you want to believe but in my eyes this throws cold water on the tiny, little fart of a flame that the original post was ever true in the first place. Is it a lot of proof? Hell no, but does it carry just as much credence as the original post? Yeah.

Here’s hoping we don’t have a thousand of these situations between now and Scream. I know it’s a crazy thought but what if we all just watched the movie together when it releases and can all have fun discussing it then? Rather than having talked about half of the spoiled details before we ever get to the theater? It’s called a surprise, Sydney.

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