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SKYFIRE – Dante’s Peak Meets Jurassic Park Starring Jason Isaacs (Trailer)



Coming January 12th, to video on demand we’ve got a brand new volcano disaster flick headed our way like Christmas credit card debt. =

SKYFIRE is directed by The Expendables director Simon West and it stars dude who should have played James Bond at least once, Jason Isaacs. The trailer (below) gives off some major Jurassic Park vibes with a fancy resort located on “The ring of fire”, a Pacific Rim volcano belt.

Complete with a businessman saying “Everything’s going to be fine!” whilst putting many human lives in danger. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good disaster flick and a really long while since we’ve seen a volcano disaster flick. Shit, as it stands we’ve only got two that are nationally recognized, am I right? Dante’s Peak starring handsome, hairy chested previous James Bond Pierce Brosnan and Volcano starring the human grinch Tommy Lee Jones. One wonders if SKYFIRE can make it three?

Check it out for yourselves below and think upon your sins.

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