“Everything special about you came out of a bottle” Iron man once said to Captain America on the set of The Avengers. Very ironic considering the new trailer for Snake Eyes looks like it was made in a bottle on The Avengers vacant set.

Last night the trailer for Robert Schwentke’s (RIPD, Red) Snake Eyes went up and to be honest the whole thing feels like a fake trailer for a movie Vince was going to star in on Entourage. Check it out for yourself below if you can handle all the edgy risks.

Look, Henry Golding looks like he’s going to rock the shit in this as the titular character but what in the Fast and the Furious ass was the rest of that trailer doing? Everything looked computer enhanced, the fight scenes looked like they with the absolute best technology available in 1998 and Samara Weaving gets a single frame only?

Looks like another forgettable GI Joe movie is on the horizon but hey…..I’m just a positive guy having a bad day. Who knows, maybe it’ll crush. We hope it does. For more happier news, check out our article on a possible Expendables 4 coming soon! Do you think we’ll ever get a good GI Joe film? Comment below!

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