HALLOWEEN KILLS Producer Shows Off New Set Photo


Michael Myers is a car thieving, white faced fucker. Oh, you think he can’t drive? “HE WAS DOING VERY WELL LAST NIGHT!” Which, is certainly where David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills seems to be headed. A little further than that, actually. More like 1978. You’d have to be literally hiding in a closet making clothes […]

MICHAEL MYERS MONDAY – Here’s Two Halloween Videos Worth Watching

michael myers

Ain’t no Monday like a Michael Myers Monday cuz a Michael Myers Monday don’t stop. Actually, that’s incorrect. We need you to stop, Monday. You are not allowed to be immortal. You must die. What the fuck am I talking about? Lord Knows we aren’t getting any Halloween Kills news lately and probably any time […]


halloween 6

“That’s it Deborah, just keep slipping her the cash!” On Set Cinema has announced they will be screening the always underrated Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers. The company has been doing this for a while now, hosting popular movie screenings on the location of which they were filmed. We attended The Strangers Prey […]

James Jude Courtney Offers Hope HALLOWEEN ENDS Could Still Shoot This Year

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills in definitely coming in October of 2021 but is Halloween Ends coming in 2022? Will it be shooting this year? Something we’re all impatiently waiting to find out about. Loomis screaming at small children in the streets levels of impatient. With each passing day we all begin to wonder if there’s plans to […]