SAW Spinoff SPIRAL May Get a Trailer Release Tomorrow According to Samuel L. Jackson


I’m tired of these motherfuckin traps in these motherfuckin green cinematography dripped basements, motherfucker! Samuel L Jackson and Chris Rock star in SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw. A new Saw sequel spin off releasing on May 14th, 2021. Jackson tweeted this little death nugget just a few moments ago: Jesus Christ, Fury! Someone turned […]

Is LEPRECHAUN Coming Back? SPIRAL’s Darren Bousman Asks Lionsgate for Franchise


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day you scoundrels! May your day be filled with green beer and butt pinches. SPIRAL director Darren Bousman (Saw II) is celebrating by putting out into the universe that he wants control of a Leprechaun. More specifically, the Leprechaun horror movie franchise. He told twitter on this glorious Saint Patrick’s Day: He’s […]