NETFLIX AND CHILLS – A Guide to Horror On Netflix this Halloween Season

netflix october

It’s starting to look a lot Halloween outside. Well, not really. It’s still hot as balls most days and I still have to mow the goddamn lawn. But still, our Halloween decorations are up and Spirit Halloween is open and networks are starting to release their spooky time content. Today, Netflix released their upcoming horror […]

BLACK WIDOW Feels Different….For a While (REVIEW)

black widow

IT’S BEEN EIGHTY FOUR YEARS but Marvel has finally decided to give Black Widow her own movie. If only she could have been around to see it. Whoops, Endgame spoilers! **Whispers** “She’s dead!” There’s something weird about watching a movie hoping a hero overcomes and has a happy ending when you’ve literally watched them die […]


the strangers

Below is the full list of everything coming to Netflix in July! Starting with today, July 1st. Complete with our picks in bold and if we’ve got a review, commentary or coverage of it? You’ll see it listed below the title. It’s the We Watched A Movie guide to July Netflix! Some good horror movies […]

Netflix Unleashes ‘Vampire on a Plane’ Trailer BLOOD RED SKY

blood red sky

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, slashers. The trick is finding a cool angle to tell an age old tale. Netflix‘ new vampire movie Blood Red Sky has that in spades. A vampire mom, trying to keep her vampire-ism in check is on a plane with her son when it’s hijacked by terrorists. To protect her son she […]

SNAKE EYES Trailer Looks Like it Was Made in a Corporate Bottle

Snake eyes

“Everything special about you came out of a bottle” Iron man once said to Captain America on the set of The Avengers. Very ironic considering the new trailer for Snake Eyes looks like it was made in a bottle on The Avengers vacant set. Last night the trailer for Robert Schwentke’s (RIPD, Red) Snake Eyes […]

Woman Finds Creepy Ass Photo In Thrift Shop DVD Copy of THE RING

the ring

I have two rules in my life. Number one, don’t draft a Patriots running back in fantasy football. Number 2, don’t buy used copies of The Exorcist. I have now expanded that list to include The Ring. Gore Verbinski’s 2002 remake was one of the scariest movies I saw in a theater growing up. Though […]