THE EXPENDABLES 4 Could Start Filming This Fall, Randy Couture Says

the expendables 4

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Wrestler/Actor/Dude Randy Couture told The Jenna Ben Show that The Expendables 4 much like Stallone’s pectorials, ain’t even close to being dead yet. In fact, it’s flexing as we speak. In fact, in fact, they are planning on filming it soon.

Makes me wanna flex my buttcheek muscles and eat some oatmeal while listening to Iron Eagle on a pontoon boat.

Anyways, here’s what Couture had to say: “It sounds like we’re gonna get to do (Expendables) 4. They’ve been kicking it around for a couple of years now but I’ve just recently heard from my agent that they’re working on the script for 4 and they are planning to schedule filming for Expendables 4 for this next fall. So I haven’t seen the script yet. They had one a couple of years ago that they were talking about making Expendables 4 out of, and then it got away. You just never know, it’s such a weird business sometimes.”

If you recall, Expendables 3 was pretty balls. And I don’t mean the cool way the first two films were full of testosterone and manly thunder. But like, “we’re trying to introduce the “new age” Expendables and it doesn’t work because nobody likes these fuckin’ people” type balls. Like, your friend getting married during round one of March Madness style balls. Not good. Balls.

Total guess here, but I have a feeling Expendables 4 might get away from all that and be rawkus as fuck. But I’m an optimist. What’s your thoughts? Comment below and subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom for more balls talk.

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