“The Power of Sequel Compels You!” David Gordon Green Directing EXORCIST Sequel for Blumhouse


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The Exorcist is coming back. I guess Jason Blum fucked around with a Quija board in covid and brought back Captain Howdy. According to the Oberserver.com and now confirmed by multiple other sites, Blumhouse has hired David Gordon Green (Halloween 2018) to direct a sequel to The Exorcist.

It’s enevitable these days. Any property that was ever succesful is going to get resurrected. The trick William Potter, is not minding that it hurts. Well, actually it’s just hoping that said property will be brought back to life by a talented team who cares about the source material. I think Blumhouse has proved they can do that pretty well.

What I also think, however is that for an Exorcist sequel to really hold candle to the original it is going to have to be willing to go to some contraversial extremes. The original film is at it’s best when it completely destroys your “safe space” with some really well…..fucked up shit. I’m not sure Blumhouse is willing to go there if we’re being honest.

That being said, they made a TV show on FOX that everyone seemed to like. Who’s to say this won’t be a huge success. Sign up for the newsletter below for all the upcoming EXORCIST movie updates and check out the video below to watch two idiots watch four Exorcist films in one day.




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  1. In the original, Satan accused the Priest’s mom of handing out oral pleasure in hell.

    In the modernized sequel, I bet Satan will actually show the Priest video of his mother in action via her OnlyFans account.

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