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“That’s it Deborah, just keep slipping her the cash!” On Set Cinema has announced they will be screening the always underrated Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers. The company has been doing this for a while now, hosting popular movie screenings on the location of which they were filmed.

We attended The Strangers Prey at Night screening ourselves hosted in the actual pool from the movie. It was a great time and well set up event and we even were able to hang with the potato bag man himself, actor Damien Maffei. It’s always nice to meet people you respect while shirtless and soaking wet.

This particular screening by On Set Cinema will be held IN the actual Michael Myers home from Halloween 6. Let’s just hope John Strode doesn’t show up screaming “GODDAMN KIDS, ENOUGH OF THIS HALLOWEEN BULLSHIT!” and tearing down the screen.

According to the press release you’ll “get a complete guided tour of the property grounds, as well as a look inside the house – you’ll be able to hang out in the backyard exactly where Debra Strode (Kim Darby) gets killed by Michael in the clotheslines with an axe, go down into the basement where John Strode (Bradford English) discovers bloody clothes in the washing machine, then gets stabbed by Michael and pushed onto an electrical box and see where so many more great scenes were shot! There will be Halloween music, free trick-or-treat candy and fans are encouraged to dress up in costume. We’ll end the evening with an outdoor screening of HALLOWEEN 6!

Where is this lovely event celebrating Michael’s reign of terror? Salt Lake City, Utah where the movie was filmed. Sunday, September 19th. Tickets are apparently very limited because of space. Get yours here.

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